Calgary Attractions

Calgary, Alberta became world-renown as the host of the very successful 1988 Winter Olympics. It has a population of approximately 923,000 and is Alberta’s second largest city. The City is situated in the southwestern part of the Alberta, approximately three hours north of the USA border.

Whether you come to Calgary for a once-in-a-lifetime visit or a weekend getaway, the warm western hospitality and beautiful mountain scenery will make your stay a memorable one! A warm welcome awaits you at Calgary’s hotels and motels. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel, a suite for an extended stay or just a clean comfortable room, accommodation is available for most tastes and budgets.

If you are planning a meeting, banquet or conference, see our Convention Facilities directory for great locations in Calgary. Calgary is also known for its proximity to Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede is a favourite with all visitors – rides, thrills, spills, a grandstand show and fireworks! A tour of Canada Olympic Park includes the Ski Jump Complex and a photo opportunity at the Olympic Cauldron.


Also, don’t miss the view from the Calgary Tower and the interesting exhibits at the nearby Glenbow Museum.A popular summer event for locals and tourists is the annual Calgary Folk Music Festival. For old west experiences, visit Fort Calgary Historic Park and Heritage Park Historical Village.Sports enthusiasts will want to catch a Calgary Flames hockey game at the Saddledome or a Calgary Stampeders football game at McMahon Stadium.

For the performing arts, you must see a performance in the Jack Singer Concert Hall at the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts. After a long day of sightseeing and adventure, relax and dine in one of many fine Calgary restaurants.

Cost of LASIK MD Winnipeg and the total cost involved

hoffman pic 5 LASIK or laser assisted in situ keratomileusis is a refractive surgery which is carried out in patients who are suffering from eye problems. Depending on the problem and the individuals level of different diseases such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, a doctor will be in a position to understand whether he should undergo the Lasik Md Winnipeg or not. The test is carried out to provide complete correction to the cornea so that a person suffering from sight or vision problems will be corrected without any damage to the surrounding and also for long term results. As the operation is critical, it requires expertise in this surgery and very few doctors generally carry such operations. The use of equipment is also expensive and uses high emition of lasers which are set to different frequencies as required for the surgery. Hence, cost of Lasik Md Winnipeg ease very expensive and requires a person to have an insurance to avoid any trouble during the time of surgery.

There are different reasons why a person will have to spend huge amounts of money on Lasik Md Winnipeg.Lasik Md Winnipeg cost usually depends upon the operation that has to be carried out in treating the problem of an individual. Depending upon the amount of critical less involved in the surgery, the cost of the operation also varies which also takes into account reputation of the surgeon. cost of Lasik Md Winnipeg usually depends upon the problem that an individual is currently facing. Hence, an individual will have two undergo complete tests so that the doctor will be in a position to understand the problem and will be in a position to provide a solution to the same. As there are many reputed doctors present in the market, it can be difficult for an individual to approach a well reputed clinic in their locality. Under such conditions, they can take help from Internet in order to locate a well reputed clinic that offers complete assistance to their clients.

Lasik Md Winnipeg cost basically depends upon the surgical procedure in which a thin layer present on the cornea is removed and pulled back in order to expose the bed of the cornea. Depending upon the problem, alterations are carried out on the bed of the cornea and then the thin layer which has been pulled back is once again sets back to its original position. This procedure requires a lot of patience to the doctors and also good expertise in handling various cases of vision problems. With the improvement of technology over the recent years, there has been a tremendous achievement in accuracy of the instrument which is used to carry out the surgery. All these factors make Lasik Md Winnipeg costs to an escalated amount. According to an analysis which has been carried out in the year 2008, about 98% of people who have undergone Lasik Md Winnipeg are completely satisfied.

If a person is looking out for reduction in the total amount of Lasik Md Winnipeg, it is advised to opt for insurance which will help them reduce their total expenditure. Under such conditions, it is necessary for the individual to opting necessary clearance from insurance providers before they carry out the procedure of operation. Apart from this, it is also very important to the individual to consult a well reputed surgeon in the market who will provide complete assistance even after the surgery has been carried out. Now that an individual has understood how much does Lasik Md Winnipeg cost, it is time for them to look out for the total expenditure amount which is involved in the surgery.

Home Renovation and Design

Home renovations edmonton has had a passion for the housing industry since she was a little girl. Her mother started buying properties, remodeling them, and turning them for a profit ever since Amy was very young. At age eighteen, Amy bought her first foreclosure and gave it a complete face lift with the help of her mother and father. Soon after she settled into her newly renovated home, she met her best friend and business partner and was married eight months later to Ian. He is not only her other half in life, but he was the missing link to take her passion for people, remodeling, and design and turn it into a business.

Since the beginning of 2009, have been following their dream to create beautiful spaces for homeowners. Since they decided to take this profession on full time, they have bought ten homes in foreclosure, short sale, and auctions and flipped them for a profit while also working with clients on large and small scale jobs to create new spaces in both functionality and design.  Home Renovations received such great reviews on their flip homes beautiful designs and record time in which the homes sold that they decided to expand to full time client home renovations. Amy is also a licensed realtor with Chinowth & Cohen. lanyard  team would love to help you find a fixer upper and turn it into the home of your dreams!

We take great pride in our personal approach to business and the level of execution that takes place on any of our job sites. Whether it be tiling a bathroom, gutting and renovating an entire home, or helping you with design choices and furnishings, we are sure you will have all your expectations not only met but exceeded. We are firm believers in the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” and will stand beside this statement every step of the way.

We are well equipped to do total renovations from moving walls resulting in a total floor plan change, redesigning and decorating an individual space or whole home, tackling a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or painting a room and changing out your outdated hardware. We welcome the big jobs and the small ones.

In-Floor Heating

When it comes to the installation and use of in-floor heat, Calgary is leading the way among Canadian cities. New construction projects and the retro-fitting of older homes has become big business in recent years, and for good reason. Radiant heating has recently become one of the hottest trends in energy conservation, also conveniently making it one of the leading trends in money conservation.

Of course, over the long history of in-floor heat, Calgary is not the first major centre to catch on…not by a long shot. Forms of radiant heating are known to date as far back as the ancient Roman Empire, when the warming of surfaces was discovered to be a more efficient use of available resources. In China and Korea, heating one’s home through the use of radiant floor systems goes back even further.

The genius of the system is that the surface being warmed is always significantly larger than most traditional convection heaters, which rely upon heating smaller amounts of air and then circulating that air through the home. This larger surface means that in order to heat a room, the total temperature can be significantly lower, because perceived heat will in fact, be much higher. With the price of utilities in today’s economy, this single factor can easily be enough to convince many homeowners to make the switch.

What few people realize, however, is that the benefits to do not stop there. For years now, those who suffer from respiratory illnesses or infections have been making the switch to in floor-heat. Calgary, with its dry climate and extreme weather conditions, is home to many people who suffer from asthma, making it the perfect location for radiant heating to catch on.

By simply removing the need for circulating air, particles and allergens are able to rest instead of being constantly forced through vents and ducts before finding their way into our lungs. Cleaning becomes more efficient, and it doesn’t take long for the home’s inhabitants to start breathing a little lighter. If you want to make an informed decision contact your local plumber in abbotsford now.

From top to bottom, it is difficult to match the benefits of radiant, in-floor heating systems. Between saving cash and providing a healthier environment for our families, it is only a matter of time before radiant systems become the new standard in home heating.

Build Home Equity Through Custom Remodeling


When homeowners look to increase the equity they have in their homes, they often look to two methods to accomplish their goal. Some homeowners choose to shop up, that is, to move into a new home with a higher value than their current home. They are banking on the hope that the more expensive home will appreciate in value faster. However, the average cost of moving is usually around 10% of your current home’’s value, according to the American Homeowner Foundation. This cost is what drives the second, better option for building equity, a custom remodeling of your current home. Companies who specialize in winnipeg roofing, do this all the time.

When it comes to home improvement, some people swear by the do it yourself approach. In the end, however, the best way to increase the value of a home is to make sure any changes done are well suited for the period and scale of the home as well as adding functionality. This is where a design build contractor comes into play. Using years of experience in home improvements for many types of houses, a design build contractor can not only perform a custom remodeling to build equity, but they also keep the house current and consistent in style.

Let’’s take a look at a few examples of where custom remodeling can be done in a home to provide the best return on investment.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the first place that renovations can occur to maximize a home’’s value. Kitchens tend to receive the largest share of wear and tear in any home and they also follow current trends in color and style, both of which requires renovation and repair. Modern kitchens are a sound investment and most realtors agree it is the first room that most prospective buyers look at with a critical eye.

A few specific upgrades that your design build contractor will consider are improvements that add functionality to the room. Dual sinks and cooking stations are common renovations. Adding space is always a good choice and can be accomplished with a walk-in pantry or breakfast nook. Some cosmetic changes that are worth the investment include under-cabinet lighting, marble or granite countertops, and ceramic tile backsplashes.

Bathrooms – Upgrades and Additions

After the kitchen, the best way to define a modern home is with multiple baths. A home with more than one bathroom will sell faster and at a better price, so it is a great return on the custom remodeling investment. For homes with more than one bath already, renovations such as skylights, walk-in-showers, glass block windows, and raised ceilings command a great deal of attention. winnipeg roofing companies are more than capable of doing this for you.

Added Spaces

In general, you can”t go wrong with adding space to a home. A design build contractor can work with the homeowner to both increase usable space while creating additions that blend into the original home flawlessly. Popular choices here include decks, sunrooms, and finished basements.

When building equity in a home, renovations and upgrades performed by design build contractors provide the most cost effective increase in home value.

Choosing The Best Porch Swing

In your search for furniture for your porch, don”t forget to look at the various varieties of porch swings. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, a swing for the porch is a wise investment because you have a comfortable seat. There are some different styles to consider and all are reasonably priced. If you feel inclined, you can also build your own.

Depending on what you are looking for in a swing, the most inexpensive kind of swing is the mission style flat bottomed one made of oak. The back is made of slats with spaces in between and for added comfort you can make or buy cushions for the seat. This swing typically costs about $100, but you do have to try it out because the seat is usually short and not meant for lying back. The swing comes in pieces, but is easy to assemble with the instructions included.

The cedar swing is the next swing that costs a little more – about $200. Cedar is an exceptional choice for an outdoor swing because the wood doesn”t ort easily and resists insect infestation. These swings usually have contoured seats, but to make it more comfortable, you can add padded cushions. If you buy a swing made from ordinary cedar, then you will have to add a coat of sealant to keep it looking good. You don”t need to paint the wood to have it last a long time.

Not all swings are made of wood, as you will see when you take a look at the wrought iron swings available. These add a timeless look to any porch and for the price of less than $200, they are well worth it. They are heavier and have a powdered coat to prevent them from rusting so you can leave it out in the rain.


Although they are more expensive, averaging about $400 each, wicker swings look right at home on a porch. The tight wicker weave performs a cozy place for sitting and enjoying the afternoon sun. The frame is made of metal and the wicker is completely weather resistant. You also won”t have to do any assembly because these swings are fully assembled when you buy them.

Visit an online retailer to get a look at the swings you can have for your porch and place your order so that it comes right to your door.

Now that you have your porch completed, you will want to look at the varieties of porch swings to choose one that will compliment your porch and provide a comfortable seat for you to enjoy the view. You can build your own from plans or kits that you can purchase or you can buy a swing that is already made. You can have a freestanding swing or one that is attached to posts in an A-frame support. If you have the time, you can easily build a swing for far less than the cost of one already made.

When choosing the perfect swing for your porch, you want to choose one that will seat two or three people comfortably. The back of the swing should be adjustable so that you can sit upright or lay back when you are feeling kind of lazy. The only tools you will need for this project are a hammer, a saw and a measuring tape. When you purchase the lumber, make sure it is pressure treated so that it will withstand the elements of the weather. The wood of choice is pine for the frame and armrests and hardwood for the seat and back.

Galvanized chain is essential for attaching the seat itself to the frame so that it will swing. You will also need to buy galvanized steel bolts, nails and wood screws. When you buy one of the plans for building a swing for your porch, the instructions will give you the measurements that you need to cut each piece. If you buy a kit, then all the material is already cut to the correct measurements.

You make the frame for the ends of the swing first and then the frame for the seat. Then you make the frame for the back and fit the slats for the seat in place. This is an easy process if you attach a board across the slats so they have something to rest on while you put the slats in place. If you are really talented, you can create curves along the back, but it looks great just straight across. The armrests go in place next and lastly you thread the chain through the armrests and attach it to the frame for the swing. Just make sure you make the holes larger than the chain so that they will move freely.

A Quick Lesson on Water Purification Technology

pure_water-littlegirl-glassWater purification technology has come a long way, but many groups (particularly the environmental ones) think it still has a long way to go. Most of the methods of water purification that are in use today have been around for many years. Some were developed before the turn of the century. One was even used in Ancient Babylonia.

Distillation was the first attempt at water purification technology, even though the systems were not originally designed for that purpose. The concern of the ancients was not removing contaminants from the water supply. Water-borne illnesses were around, but no one knew what bacteria were. They used distillers for alcohol.

Distillation methods of water purification are good for certain purposes, but for drinking, there is concern about stomach problems, because there is a lack of minerals and an unhealthy pH level. Certain contaminants with a low boiling point are not removed through this process, only vaporized.

Reverse osmosis was considered a big step forward in water purification technology, but it’’s really not much better than distilling. It just costs more. It is one of the methods of water purification used by treatment facilities, along with a multitude of other steps. There are a number of industrial applications. The removal of minerals prevents early equipment corrosion.

The biggest advantage of reverse osmosis methods of water purification is in the area of desalination or removing salt from sea-water. Additional steps, including re-mineralization, must be used to make the resultant drinkable, but without RO, it wouldn”t be drinkable at all. It’’s too expensive and wasteful for most homes and it doesn”t remove the chemical contaminants that concern most of us.

Because the treatment facilities can only do so much, the majority of today’’s water purification technology has been developed for “point-of-use” or in the homes. Pitcher filters are the least expensive. They can remove chlorine, lead and improve the taste and smell. The tiny filtration unit has a short life span, so even though initially inexpensive, the cost per day is higher than in other devices.

Multi-media block and activated carbon filters are often referred to as the best water purification technology available, because nearly every contaminant can be removed by them, including dangerous by-products of chlorination disinfection.

Multi-media blocks are one of the few methods of water purification that can remove microscopic “cysts”. Those tiny creatures float into the system at various points, are nearly impossible to detect and cannot be removed by most treatment methods. If ingested, they can infect the intestines causing severe illness and even death. Those at highest risk are the very young, the elderly and people with existing health problems, because of an already weakened immune system. Most of use would think we had food poisoning or the stomach flu, because the symptoms are similar and we”d be able to fight it off in a few days.

Multi media methods of water purification can also be used to balance mineral content and pH levels. The better home systems make use of this highly advanced water purification technology.

Multi stage systems are the most effective and yet they are one of the most affordable.

How Working With An Interior Decorator Can Update Any Room In Your House


With the current housing slump all over the country, many people are putting off moving to a new home and are instead looking for easy ways to update their existing homes. Homeowners are often intimidated about redecorating and aren’t sure exactly how to change up their home.

One easy way is to hire an interior designer from Home Renovations Mississauga. Designers know all about the latest trends in home decorating, but will be able to create a timeless room at the same time. Your designer will be able to help you choose great modern furniture, coordinating wall colors and window treatments and accessories to finish off your room.

Choosing Your Room’s Furniture

First meet with your interior designer to choose the main pieces of furniture. Your designer should spend quite a while talking to you to get an idea of what styles you like — whether it be traditional or modern furniture. While the interior designer is the expert, remember this is your home, so choose something you love and want to live with for a long time.

Depending on how much time you have and how involved you want to be, you can either go shopping with the designer or have them purchase pieces for approval. Realize that it may cost more to have the designer purchase all the pieces up front, but many interior designers have agreements with modern furniture stores to negotiate discounts because they purchase large quantities of furniture.

Picking Coordinating Wall Colors And Window Treatments

After the furniture is chosen, it’s time to decide on wall colors and window treatments. Your designer will be able to help you pick colors. They can also arrange for your walls to be professionally painted, saving you a lot of extra work. Your designer will know the best painters in town and will likely be able to get you a discount on the paint job.

Window treatments are the next step after painting. Your designer will help you choose from wood blinds, curtains, roman shades or any of the many other types of window treatments.

Finishing Off The Room With Accessories

Accessories can finish off any room. These small decorative touches like wall art, vases, throw pillows and lighting fixtures can tie a room’s theme together. Interior decorators often purchase these smaller items as they find them, so your designer may have a collection, making it easy to pick them out.

Talk to your interior designer about your home’s style. Some people may prefer more accessories and others may like a clean, streamlined look. No matter what your style, your designer should be able to help you add those small finishing touches to your modern furniture that bring out the beauty in your new room.

Working with your interior designer means youll be able to create a room you love. You’ll likely love your new room so much that you”ll never want to move and wont be able to wait to redecorate every room in your home.